Everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things to see their beauty’ 

I have always noticed the little things, subtle moments or little details that shape memories and are always beautiful. That perfect moment just before the sun sets, when a cat makes eye contact or a misty forest early in the morning. For me, these are moments when I make a connection to the universe, when time doesn’t seem to exist anymore and all my thoughts disappear and I just am. My goal is to try and capture these perfect moments in cinemagraphs.

A couple of years ago I started a blog on Tumblr and captured moments from movies. I had seen cinemagraphs from movies online, and thought it would be cool if I could make them as well. Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked. I was surprised I could be so creative and was proud of the progress I made producing them. After a while people on Tumblr started noticing my work. Ten people followed me at first, then a hundred and a thousand. Right now there are about 100.000 people following me on Tumblr. And for me it isn’t just some cool thing to do anymore, it has become my absolute passion.

Right now, I want to see how far I can go with cinemagraphs. So I created this website, and started shooting my own material. Armed with a quote from one of my favorite movies: ‘Everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things to see their beauty’  Vivre Savie (1962). I try to find these moments and capture them. It appears that you don’t have go to far. Do you have a perfect moment that you want me to capture for you? Feel free to contact me.

Floris Kloet